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I attended Beauty School while teaching and left teaching to work full time as Stylist in 2000. I worked in many places before I opened my own Salon. I discovered a Salon for sale at Marengo Ave. in Forest Park where Amalia was the previous owner and she wanted sell the Shop and retire. I bought the Salon in 2007 and I made a total renovation inside an outside. I tried to create a cozy place for my customers to visit me at 203 Marengo Ave. in Forest Park, IL.

I would like to share some comments about my business from the local magazine:


"I have been getting hair cuts in Oak Park but they were becoming pretty mechanical. I tried a number of Mchaircut places in the village and they were what one might expect. One evening I stopped and copied Sizzo's phone number. I call later in the week. A pleasant voice with a slight Spanish accent answered the phone. There was a time slot open that worked for me and I made the appointment.

Norma greeted me when I arrived. A lot things about the Salon impressed me. It's very tidy, no

dusty shelves, no tangled cords and no tools left in the counter top.There are the usual posters for

hair designs and hair products. The layout is compact but still has room for a number of stylist to work at the same time.

 Then there's Norma herself. Her own hair is probably the best endorsement for the shop. It's long, blonde and perfectly styled. It tells you that she is serious about what she does and she can do the same for you.

When she was done, she finished it off with quick pass of blow dryer. I hate hitting the street with my hair wet like some places have left me. The head in the mirror was the finished product and I was very pleased. So pleased I decided to strut my stuff on Madison St.

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